/pr playerinfo <playername> [page]

Permission: powerranks.cmd.playerinfo
Description: Show information about a player and how PowerRanks handles that player

/pr reload <config/plugin/addons/all>

Permission: powerranks.cmd.reload
Description: Reload PowerRanks

/pr stats

Permission: powerranks.cmd.stats
Description: This will show numerous things like: PowerRanks version, server version, Java version, plugin hook, number of registered ranks, number of registered players and more...

/pr verbose <start [filter]/startlive [filter]/stop/save/clear>

Permission: powerranks.cmd.verbose
Description: Enable verbose logging, may result in lower performance! Only use for bug reporting. Use the filter to filter on a specific permission
[filter] apply a filter for a specific permission (example: /pr verbose startlive powerranks. this filters every permission containing powerranks.)
This will enable verbose mode in PowerRanks, may result in lower performance! Only use for bug reporting

/pr config <removeworldtag / (enable/disable chat_formatting/tablist_formatting/op) / (set playtime_update_interval )>

Permission: powerranks.cmd.config
Description: Edit the configuration file

/pr pluginhook [enable/disable] [pluginname]

Permission: powerranks.cmd.pluginhook
Description: Enable or disable a plugin for PowerRanks to hook in to

/pr addonmanager

Permission: powerranks.cmd.addonmanager
Description: Manage the PowerRanks add-ons

/pr addoninfo <addonname>

Permission: powerranks.cmd.addoninfo
Description: Show information about a specific add-on

/pr listaddons [page]

Permission: powerranks.cmd.listaddons
Description: List all installed add-ons

/pr factoryreset

Permission: powerranks.cmd.factoryreset
Description: This will reset all configuration files of PowerRanks, be careful this cannot be undone.
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