Buyable ranks

Let players buy different ranks
Make sure vault is installed in your server and enabled in PowerRanks

How do buyable ranks work?

/pr addbuyablerank <target_rank> <buyable_rank>
rank or target_rank is the rank where the buyable_rank will assign to
buyable_rank the rank that shows up in /pr rankup
For example, let the Member rank buy Vip for the price 399:
/pr addbuyablerank Member Vip
This will add Vip to Member's buyable rank
Then when a player with the rank Member does /pr rankup it will show the Vip rank in there.
To change the cost of that Vip rank use /pr setbuycost Vip <cost>
Example: /pr setbuycost Vip 399

/pr rankup

Permission: powerranks.cmd.rankup
Description: Show a clickable interface for players to buy ranks from

/pr buyrank [rank_name] [confirm]

Permission: powerranks.cmd.buyrank
Description: Show a chat-based interface for players to buy ranks from

/pr addbuyablerank <rankname> <buyable_rankname>

Permission: powerranks.cmd.addbuyablerank
Description: Add a rank to the buyable list of a rank

/pr delbuyablerank <rankname> <buyable_rankname>

Permission: powerranks.cmd.delbuyablerank
Description: Remove a rank from the buyable list of a rank

/pr setbuycost <rankname> <cost>

Permission: powerranks.cmd.setbuycost
Description: Set the buy cost of a rank

/pr setbuydescription <rankname> <buy description>

Permission: powerranks.cmd.setbuydescription
Description: Set the description of a buyable rank

/pr setbuycommand <rankname> <command to execute>

Permission: powerranks.cmd.setbuycommand
Description: Set the command that will be executed after that rank is bought