User-tags are predefined tags that server administrators can make and that players can assign to themselves.

/pr createusertag <tagname> <tagtext>

Permission: powerranks.cmd.createusertag
Description: Create a new user tag

/pr editusertag <tagname> <tagtext>

Permission: powerranks.cmd.editusertag
Description: Edit a user tag

/pr removeusertag <tagname>

Permission: powerranks.cmd.removeusertag
Description: Delete a user tag

/pr setusertag [playername] <tagname>

Permission: powerranks.cmd.setusertag
Description: Assign a user tag

/pr addusertag [playername] <tagname>

Permission: powerranks.cmd.addusertag
Description: Add a usertag to an player

/pr delusertag [playername] <tagname>

Permission: powerranks.cmd.delusertag
Description: Remove an usertag from a player

/pr clearusertag [playername]

Permission: powerranks.cmd.clearusertag
Description: Remove a user tag

/pr listusertags

Permission: powerranks.cmd.listusertags
Description: List all user tags