How can I get support when I have questions?

To get help with PowerRanks, join the Discord server https://discord.powerranks.nl.

Where can I find the PowerRanks web-editor?

The web-editor is available at https://editor.powerranks.nl.

Where can I find add-ons for PowerRanks?

Add-ons for PowerRanks can be found at https://powerranks.nl/addons.

How do I remove the world name from the chat/tab?

  1. 1.
    Execute /pr config removeworldtag
  2. 2.
    That's it!

How can I give all permissions to a rank?

  1. 1.
    Execute /pr addperm <rankname> *
  2. 2.
For example to give all permissions to the Owner rank use /pr addperm Owner *.

How can I find the permission node of a specific command?

To know the permissions to use you can either search online for “plugin-name permissions” or go to the download page of that plugin.
For default commands search online for "bukkit permissions".

Where can I find information about colors?

PowerRanks supports regular Minecraft colors and HEX colors

Regular Minecraft color codes:

HEX color codes:

HEX colors can be used in the format #RRGGBB and &#RRGGBB Example: #ABCDEF